Grocery Shopping Survey
Your preferences & opinions provide information that can improve your shopping experiences.
1.  Please select all statements that you agree with.
I usually shop at the same grocery store.
I shop at different grocery stores to get a variety of products.
I prefer large chain grocery stores.
I prefer smaller local grocery stores.
I usually use cash when grocery shopping.
I usually use a credit or debit card when grocery shopping.

2.  It is very unlikely that I would purchase groceries over the Internet. Agree

3.  Select all statements that you agree with.
I would enjoy grocery shopping more if I had a map of the store telling me where brands and products are located.
I would likely buy more items if I could find them easily.
I would like free cups of coffee while I grocery shop.
I do not enjoy grocery shopping at all regardless of where or what store.
I enjoy the sampling & tasting various products.

3.  Please name each chain and locally-based grocery store where you enjoy shopping.

4. I would like my grocery store to have a knowledgeable butcher who can recommend and cut items to size and weight that I need that day. This is very important.
This is somewhat important.
This is not important.

5. Sometimes I go grocery shopping just to find some new, interesting foods. I agree.
No, not me.
That's a good idea that I might try.

6. Please select the bad experiences that you have had while grocery shopping.
Long checkout lines
Unable to find anyone to assist me in locating a product
Several items I wanted were out of stock
Aisles are too narrow
Generally unfriendly employees

7. I would use self-serve checkout machines where I shop for groceries. Agree
I don't know what those are.

8. Please select some of the grocery store features that make you go to one grocery store rather than another.
Quiet music playing No music playing
TV monitors advertising products Brightly lit
TV monitors instructing on cooking techniques Top quality produce department
No TV monitors Top quality meat department
Friendly customer service for returns of problem products Highest choice of brands throughout the store
Liquor department in store Top quality house brand products

9.  I am: Female Male
10.  My age group is: Under 10 11-20 21-29 30-39 40-49
I'd rather not say. 50-59 60-69 70-79 80-89 90 & over

11.  I live in the following state or country:

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