You & Your Grocery Shopping

So… what would you do to improve your favorite grocery store, make it more profitable, and bring in more customers?

Your opinions on some of the other points will help us design a grocery store where you will enjoy shopping, save money on quality products, receive great service, and even enjoy grocery shopping.

How about posting some of your opinions on some other points on this survey?

You Like & Dislike What?

Your preferences & opinions provide information that can improve your shopping experiences.

Many people prefer large grocery stores because they can find everything from various sources in one stop. Are you a one-stop shopper? Or, do you prefer to shop at smaller, more specialty oriented stores?

Generally, what size grocery store do you prefer?

Prices Are

Usually, for food products that I truly enjoy, pricing is … Important, Somewhat important, not too important?

Would you drive to various stores to buy specific items just because you know they often cost less at those stores?