You & Your Grocery Shopping

Welcome to GroceryShoppingSurvey.

So… what would you do to improve your own grocery store, make it more profitable, and bring in more customers?

Your opinions on some of the other points will help us design a grocery store where you will enjoy shopping, save money on quality products, receive great service, and even enjoy grocery shopping.

How about posting some of your opinions on some other points on this survey? If you do, we say “Thank you!”.

6 thoughts on “You & Your Grocery Shopping”

  1. Easy and convenient to shop, love how it’s set up to shop by isles. I’m not able to drive , the online shopping makes it easier that trying to find a ride.
    I would like to be able to purchase some Lean Cuisine meals.
    The driver Steve did excellent service.
    Thank you

  2. Safeway delivery saves me time every week. I add to my list here and there, during the week. I shop carefully, making each dollar count, which is very easy to do by sorting the lists. Sure, some things are more expensive to have delivered, but overall I think it’s a great value when you factor in my time. When the delivery person shows up, it feels a bit like Christmas morning, as I dig in to each bag to see what it reveals! LOL.

  3. As my sister and live out where there is no bus service and we have no car this service is a valuable asset. We do our major shopping once a month thanks to a ride from a friend but this service we have utilized because it is there when a ride is not.

  4. Doug delivered my groceries today within the timeframe I requested. I was very pleased with his fantastic customer service and his willingness to carry the groceries into my kitchen. Everything I ordered was delivered, with only one substitution. The substituted item was delicious. I also bought one frozen item which was frozen well when I received it.

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